Darren Danks
Life and Empowerment Coach

Work with me

For the dreamers out there, the go-getters, the action takers who feel stuck, who’ve lost their mojo, I’m the person you need in your life!

But why do you need me? How can I help you?

My work isn’t just based on my coaching training, it’s based on experiences in my life I’ve had to overcome, from a lack of support and being put down, to finding the inner strength to succeed and create the life I want.

1:1 Coaching

There’s a huge difference between reading a book/website or watching a video then trying to put things into action, and having that 1:1 support and accountability to keep you going. It’s like entering a car race and having the choice of a family saloon or a Ferrari. The saloon will get you to the finish line eventually, but the Ferrari will get you there faster and with more control.

Working with me helps to:
  • Keep you accountable
  • Silence your own BS
  • Provide different points of view
  • Unlock your inner strength
  • Push you outside your comfort zone so you grow
  • Boost your self-confidence and self-esteem

Don’t think it’s all going to be fluffiness, hand-holding and Unicorns though, I also ask the awkward questions to help you to find your own truths, strength and direction.

What you’ll get

  • You will have a 90 minute call each week
  • You will have session notes sent to you within 48 hours
  • You will have daily access to me via Facebook Messenger or email

More detail

I work in 6 week coaching agreements. This is long enough to make huge changes and enough time to make sure we’re going to resonate with each other long-term. If you want to extend those 6 weeks we can do that and I offer a discount to say thank you for investing your time and energy as well as wanting to carry on working with me.

The 6 week agreement can, of course, be a longer length of time if you wish it to be. The financial investment is altered to suit the longer package.

Contact me and let’s see how we can get you to live the life you’ve always wanted