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Work with me

Do you feel stuck in life/business?

Does the thought of putting yourself out there fill you with dread?

Does the thought of pursuing those dreams fill you with dread?

Do you wish you could get your wisdom and expertise out there on video?

Do you feel like something is holding you back?

Do you piss yourself off because you’re not where you want to be?

Do you feel like you’re not good enough?

If you answered yes to any or all of those, you need me!

But why do you need me? How can I help you?

My work isn’t just based on my coaching training and certifications, it’s based on life experience, my own issues I’ve had to overcome, from a lack of support, being put down and to doubting myself. I took all of those and overcame them, found the inner strength to succeed and created the life I want. I’ve also been British archery champion and holder of 9 national records so I know what it takes to build a strong mindset of a champion!

Live Video Confidence Course

There’s no doubt that video is a powerful medium to get your message, wisdom and greatness out there, but getting on video, whether live or pre-recorded can be scary, it can make a bit of poop pop out at just the thought of hitting that “Go Live” button!

My Live Video Confidence Course gently guides you through the process, helps you become comfortable being on camera, helps you to plan your content and your videos, before you ever announce yourself to the world!

One comment received about the course says:

“Where to begin: from realising how to create content; planning my schedule; having the confidence to put it out to the world and even looking at the tech options; every step is a gem. “

Head on over to the course page to find out more and get your lifetime access:

DD Power Hour Call

This is perfect to get you back on track when you feel stuck and can’t commit to a full 8-week program.

We work on 1-2 issues, get you unstuck and back on the road to your goals and the life you desire.

Comments received include:

“A power hour with Darren is like learning the Riddikulus spell for insecurity and self doubt. With understanding and encouragement, alongside brilliant and hilarious metaphors and similes, he helped me to reframe my thoughts so that they could no longer hold me back.”

“Darren, that call with you was has truly transformed my mindset and self belief. So many limiting beliefs removed! I can’t thank you enough for your time!”

Head on over to the booking page to book your very own DD Power Hour with me:

1:1 Coaching

There’s a huge difference between reading a book/website or watching a video than trying to put things into action, and having that 1:1 support and accountability to keep you going. It’s like entering a Formula 1 car race without a team to support you. You’ll finish the race eventually on your own but you will never be at the front of the pack.

Working with me helps to:

  • Keep you accountable
  • Silence your own BS
  • Provide different points of view
  • Unlock your inner strength
  • Push you outside your comfort zone so you grow
  • Boost your self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Kick regret in the balls

Don’t think it’s all going to be fluffiness, hand-holding and Unicorns though, I ask the awkward questions and I push you to help you to find your own truths, strength and direction. With my unique blend of humour, quirkiness, eccentricity and tv/movie references (you’ll love em… I promise!), we will go on a journey together, pushing through blocks, worries and fears so you can move forward in life and/or business towards the life you truly want.


We will find where you are, where you want to go and create a roadmap to get there. What you’ll get:

  • A clearer view or where you want to go
  • A better awareness of what areas to work on
  • A solid roadmap to get you there
  • Increased happiness and decreased stress and worry
  • You will have a 90 minute call each week
  • You will have session notes sent to you within 48 hours
  • You will have daily access to me via Facebook Messenger or email

More detail

Head on over to the Mindset Magic Mastery Program page for more details and to apply to work with me