Darren Danks
The Self-Doubt Coach

Hi, I’m Darren and I’m Life and Mindset Coach.

I’m a geek who cares about people; I work with those who want to get out of the rut and live the epic life they truly desire and deserve.

My mission is to help you get there.

But why should I be the one to help you do that? Well, ever since I left education and started out into my working life, I’ve had to do it with very little support, encouragement and praise. It was like being the really weird member of the family nobody talks to because they have 2 heads and 6 eyes! But one day, all of that changed.

Here’s my story

I started as an electronics engineer but after 16 years I realized I wasn’t following my heart, so, I studied and moved into IT. I went back to studying and again the lack of support continued; even when I graduated my IT studies, I had almost zero congratulations. It was emotionally tough. I wasn’t even given a cake – and I love a bit of cheesecake!

During these times I trained hard and became British archery champion (twice), I held 9 national records and became a qualified archery coach. I’ve shot through sun and rain, got stuck in mud, and it was this time in archery that helped me with my self-confidence. Even after winning my first British championships, to any compliment I found myself answering awkwardly as I didn’t know how to take praise. One day I had an epiphany — I decided to accept praise. It was difficult, it felt very strange, but I did it. That was the beginning my self-confidence awakening.

It was time to make changes, and I started from my health. In 2013, I lost 95lbs, eliminated Type 2 Diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. All in just 7 months! I was reborn and I felt I wanted to help others make life changes, too. So I studied for a year and graduated in 2015 as a Certified Health Coach. Soon I realized that working on health wasn’t enough as mindset creates much more powerful transformations, so I learned the tools to help myself and others. These tools combined with my own intuition and life experiences allow me today to help others around the world.

Would you like to know if I can help you? Arrange a free 45-minute call and let’s find out how to show the world a brand new you!